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Next Generation of Cartilage Regeneration

Cartilage regeneration through the provision  Electrical Stimulation

Regenesis novel plug in mESh nanotechnology provides a leap forward in cartilage regeneration and pain relief through the provision of  Electrical Stimulation.

Articular Cartilage Lesions 

Image showing  cartilage lesion Vs healthy knee

 Articular cartilage lesions are a common pathology of the joint, resulting mainly from sports and home or workplace injuries. 

 Articular cartilage lesions impact patients of diverse ages and may lead to pain, loss of function, and long-term complications such as post traumatic osteoarthritis (PTOH).

Regenesis mESh Technology

A promise of a better, pain-free future for patients, empowering them to swiftly resume their normal activities with ease

Tissue Regeneration Experts 

Founded in 2023, Regenesis is a biomedical startup that aims to revolutionize the treatment of tissue regeneration by in situ Electrical Stimulation of the damages area using a unique mESh technology.

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